Weʼve built our system to adhere to industry-leading regulatory standards,
ensuring your business is compliant and your customersʼ best interests are protected.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, just like you do.

From the ground-up, Voxie is designed to facilitate real human conversations,
never spam. That means real conversations, real interaction, and real adherence
to communications regulations.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Why Compliance is Critical

Regulatory compliance doesnʼt have to be confusing, but it is mandatory, and there can be real legal consequences for companies that ignore it. Consent, security, and retention of customer data are of critical importance in a time where data breaches are both common and high profile.

Voxie connects directly to wireless carrier networks, so texts are sent and stored securely. And since Voxie uses your businessʼs phone number—not employeesʼ personal phone numbers—communications stay under the umbrella of business communications.

Compliance Features

Just a few of the ways Voxie protects you and your customers.

Message Integrity Protection

Top of the line integrity even at high volumes and enterprise level usage.

Administrator Oversight

Provide oversight for your employees, monitor access, and keep an eye on things through your admin dashboard.

STOP Message Consent Guard

Consent is key in compliance standards, and STOP keyword compliance keeps you in line with TCPA standards.

Seamless Message Backup

Messages are stored internally, but they can be exported and backed up to secure external store as well.

Employee Turnover Continuity

When employees leave, transferring or removing their accounts is quick and easy.

In-Transit and Archived Data Security

Platform-level security and encryption ensures that customer data is secure while in transit or in storage.

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