We think Voxie is just the thing youʼve been looking for—you just donʼt know it yet.
Voxie is the most advanced, feature-packed text marketing platform in the world.

Automation saves Time and Money

The power of Voxieʼs automation means leveraging technology to work smarter and cheaper.
Itʼs like having all-star squad of marketting and customer service specialists at your own fingertips.

It's as simple or copmlex as you want it to be.

Whether you want to schedule simple text blasts or in-depth response flows, Voxie makes it intuitive and easy.

Customers get instant, 24/7 attention.

Automating responses means customers get attention instantly, on-demand. Thatʼs the sort of thing customers love.*

* Shift Communications Consumer Survey, September 2015

Voxie scales your business in a smarter way.

With automated marketing flows, there's no difference between texting one customer or one million, meaning you get more done in less time.

Don’t listen to us: try Voxie yourself.
Free of charge, no obligations. We know you’ll love it.

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Landline Texting

Your customers may already be texting your business phone number, and youʼre not seeing it.
In just a few minutes, Voxie can change that.

It only takes a few minutes.

Voxie was developed by business owners, for business owners.
We know you donʼt have all the time in the world, so we made
activating your landline phone number quick and painless.

No changes to your phone service needed.

Voxie doesnʼt affect your current phone plan,
and setup wonʼt cause a disruption in service.

Manage texts right from your computer.

Gets notifications when you receive texts, send your own
messages, and manage campaigns using the devices you already
own, no new equipment required.

Full Feature List

Weʼd tell you to compare Voxieʼs full feature list to the competition, but there isnʼt any.

Upload Customer Information

Unlimited profiles, no matter how many customers you have.

Landline Texting

Text with your customers from the number they already know. Voxie uses your existing number, even if itʼs a landline, and it doesnʼt impact your existing phone plan.

MMS / Picture Messaging

Messages with pictures, videos, or GIFs get even better customer engagement. Voxie makes it easy.

Free Rollover Texting

At the end of each billing cycle, we roll your unused texts over into the next cycle, so youʼre never paying for what you don't use.

Unlimited Mass Texting

Type your message once and instantly send it to unlimited customers.

Scheduled Text Messages

Schedule messages in Voxie and leave them for later. Maximize your limited time offers and special promotions.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Create custom flows based on customersʼ behavior, preferences, and whatever other data you feed into Voxie. Send time-delayed messages based on if your custom responds or even clicks on an included link.

One-to-One Conversations

Easily schedule one-on-one conversations while still having access to the powerful analytics Voxie provides.

Message Personalization

Customize each text with each customersʼ first name, last name, and any other custom field you want to input directly into your messages.

Custom Fields

Create unique customer identifiers based on anything youʼd like. Based on those fields, send texts to customers that are relevant and personalized.

Performance Analytics

Get in-depth reporting insights every campaign you send better than the last. Track everything from response rates to link clicks to advanced deep funnel actions.

Link Shortening

Easily shorten any link you want to send a customer via our builtin shortener. Extremely useful in saving text characters plus making long URLs easier to click.

Link Tracking

See who clicked your link, how many times it was clicked by everyone, and more. Then, automatically send your next text based on those actions.

Text Forwarding

Respond to messages on the go by having messages forwarded to any cell. If you respond there, your conversation will still be tracked within Voxie.

Rest API

Want to connect custom actions from your site or product to automatically text? We make that easy and streamlined through our universal REST API.

Concierge Support

We succeed when you succeed. We're here day or night to answer questions, talk through ideas, or help build campaigns.

Auto Replies

Create automatic replies to go out to texts that come in during specific timeframes. Perfect for after-business hours so you don't miss out on future business.

Conversational 2 Way Text Messaging

Just like an email inbox, Voxie shows you all inbound and outbound text communications with your subscribers in one easy view.

Segment Contacts

Store as much data as you'd like on any contact, then sub-group customers for advanced targeting. The possibilities are endless: most loyal customers, repeat purchasers, etc.

Easy Contact Upload

Whether youʼve got one contact or a million, itʼs painless to upload them to Voxie using our downloadable template.

Guaranteed Text Messaging

We send real text and picture messages to real people. We guarantee receipt of all messages sent to valid US based telephone numbers capable of receiving text messages.

Multiple User Support

Perfect for teams — easily assign logins and permissions for anyone interacting with customers. Always see who said what and when.

Enterprise Level Security

All of your data is stored in our private cloud, protected by enterprise-level encryption and security. Rest easy knowing weʼve got your back.

Try Voxie free and watch how quickly it can pay itself.

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