Overwhelmingly, text is the preferred method of communication globally. Don't miss out on more sales, happier customers, and better experiences.


Upload your contact list

Upload any .CSV file--like from Excel-- and Voxie will use the column name as the field title (i.e. "Name", "Phone Number" or literally anything else you choose.) Boom: you're done.


Setup your automated Campaigns

Schedule smart text follows to message customers and even respond automatically based on their actions, like responding to your text or clicking a link.


Have genuine conversations

Let Voxie contact customers and you respond when they engagte. Chat via text message right from your web browser. The best part is Voxie even lets you text from your existing landline or office number.


Get actionable data analytics

Don't just work harder: work smarter. Voxie tracks message delivery rates, customer responses, and much more so you can track and improve over time.

It's an incredibly powerful, absurdly simple way to connect and engage your audience.

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